Reading Journey 1 - The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling Part 1

Hi, book lover!

This is the first part of my reading journey with The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling. Needless to say, Rowling is very famous for her Harry Potter series which garnered millions of readers and fans around the world. I enjoyed the HP series so much and I admire her storytelling and superb writing. 

As we all know, Harry Potter is targeted towards children ages 9 to 11, but the book is also enjoyed by adults. And then The Casual Vacancy came. It's so different from the fantasy stories that Rowling conjured in the popular series. The book said that this is the first novel of Rowling for adults. I am excited to experience reading this book and share my real-time thoughts as I dive into the story. 

I picked this book because it's JK Rowling and I want to see how different it is from her other writing. 

Also, I have some amusing thinking. Here in the Philippines when you say parish it is usually related to the Catholic church. I had an impression before that this book was about a priest. But l was wrong. A few days ago, I bumped into a viral video of Jackie Weaver with other town councilors. Then, I realized it's like a political body in a town. Sometimes I have to really do my own research rather than just conclude what the term means. It's a learning experience for me. 

Casual Vacancy is about a small town in England whose local council died, leaving an empty position that holds power coveted by some. Who would be the taker of this position?

After reading 12% of the book, I got to know some of the characters, the place, and the state of affairs that gave a glimpse to the conflict of the story. The characters are fascinating with their peculiarities, beliefs, and judgments. The setting is idyllic with the hills surrounding the town, cobbled streets, and Victorian houses. Lastly, the political atmosphere that revealed the true ambitions of the people in Pagford piqued my interest in the story's development. I am looking forward to what will happen next. 

Memorable Quote

Krystal’s slow passage up the school had resembled the passage of a goat through the body of a boa constrictor, being highly visible and uncomfortable for both parties concerned.

This line made me chuckle. 🤭

Thoughts and Reflections

Power in any form is a game-changer. It changes the dynamics among people in a certain area. But it doesn't stay permanent in one person, it transfers to another that could turn things on their heads. This change shakes the status quo and reveals people's true colors. 

🙋‍♀️ Question

Do you like the Harry Potter series? Which HP book do you like the most?

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Join me next time as I share more about my journey in reading The Casual Vacancy.