Reading Journey 3: The Boys by Katie Hafner

Hello, fellow bookworm! Today I'm going to share with you updates on the book that I am reading, The Boys by Katie Hafner.  It's about an introverted man Ethan who fell in love with Barb, an extroverted woman. They thought that they complemented each other but it turns out their differences drove them apart.  In the beginning, Ethan left the most impression on me because of his introvertedness to which I could relate. His sad childhood made me identify with him more. When he met Barb, it's so nice seeing he's opening up to new experiences. Barb was his total opposite. She loved to explore the world.  They got married, went to an amazing escapade in Italy, but when they fostered twin boys, their relationship became wobbly. It was aggravated by the pandemic when people globally literally stayed and worked from home. This part made the story realistic as I also experienced staying at home, social distancing, and the wearing of the mask and plastic face shield.  The strain

A Book Review: Seeing Green: Don't Let Envy Color Your Joy

    Tilly Dillehay, a pastor's wife, mother, and homemaker offers a Christian perspective on understanding and overcoming envy in Seeing Green: Don't Let Envy Color Your Joy (September 4, 2018, Harvest House Publishers). She was a former journalist, and newspaper and lifestyle magazine editor. She facilitates the Green Workshop that touches on envy for women in local churches. In this Christian literature, with courage and honesty, Dillehay tells her struggles with envy that clouds her relationships and her love for music.

    She starts with defining glory as " the shining joy, beauty, intelligence, power, and goodness of God himself." What we have is a borrowed glory like the light of the moon borrowed from the sun. Disconnected from the source, an envious person feels bad about other people’s looks, wealth, achievements, and relationships.

    To manage this emotion, Dillehay provides scriptures that explain what the Bible says our physical body, charm or influence, intellect, money, creativity, competence and control, and relationships, the seven sources of envy. Love, diligence, humility, and transparency are the four virtues we need to have to avoid being eaten up by envy.

Other Takeaways

• All glory belongs to God; our glory is borrowed from Him. We are conduits of His glory.
• Inequality does exist and we need to accept that some people have more while others have less.
• Each of us has God-given talents which we are accountable for.
• Being able to gaze at God's glory without harm and worship it, being like Christ and sinless, having eternal wealth, having dominion over creation are the four kinds of glory Christians will possess in the future.
• True happiness is in Christ.


    Even though this is Christian literature, we can still glean lessons from it about envy and its effects on us, which is experienced by all, one way or the other.

    The goal of the book is to change the perspective of the reader on envy, and it did. I am used to comparing myself with others, those who have more and better things, thinking that I am an inferior, making me overlook the skills and talents that I have. This book makes me appreciate the borrowed glory I have and the opportunity to share it with others. Glory, as a borrowed thing, must be celebrated by enjoying our talents, skills, wealth, beauty, relationship, and intelligence, not something to be shown off to put others down or to be insecure about when others who have more display what they have.

    Although the personal stories and other people's anecdotes are too long before going to the point, I appreciate the discussion questions at the end of every chapter that helped me understand the book's theme.

Discussion Questions

1. Has this book changed the way you think about envy?
2. Was the author successful in making her message across by including her own story?
3. When do you feel envious of others?
4. Why is it hard to accept the truth that we are envious of others?
5. How would you deal with envy?

Further Information

Title: Seeing Green: Don't Let Envy Color Your Joy
Author: Tilly Dillehay
Genre: Christian Literatur
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers (September 4, 2018)
Publication Date: September 4, 2018
Print length: 208 pages