A Book Review: The Sweetest Revenge


Title: The Sweetest Revenge
Author: Jennifer Ransom
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Jennifer Ransom; 1st edition (September 7, 2014)
Publication Date: September 7, 2014
Print length: 155 pages

    In Sweetest Revenge,  Jennifer Ransom, a writer and an editor who loves romance novels, attempts to weave a story about a woman's vengeance on her cheating husband.  The world seemed to be against her as she lost her marriage after becoming two times bigger than she was on her wedding day fifteen years ago, and as she lost her job after not performing well at work due to her broken foot.  

    It all started when Kimberly Williams appeared in their town as a visiting professor at the university where Amy worked as a director of communications. She managed to organize Kimberly's art exhibit without meeting her, however, her husband attended without her knowledge. Literally sick to her stomach,  she went home alone.

    Jimmy started to come home late from that time he met Kimberly, blaming it on his hectic schedule at work.  Amy accepted that they had grown apart because she had changed into somebody Jimmy didn't fell in love with fifteen years ago.

    Just before spring break, Amy was excited to go home after a meeting. To her surprise,  she saw  Jimmy with Kimberly in their marital bed. Amy jolted out of the house, to the park. Jimmy called her many times but she was adamant. 

    Amidst the trouble, as the director of communications, Amy attended the funeral of the mother of their big sponsor, Mr. Keith Richmond.  Amy with her coworker approached him to say their sympathy after the service. A tear fell in Amy's eyes which Mr. Richmond saw. He held her hand gently and looked her in the eye.

    Amy filed a divorce. After two months,  everything was finalized and Amy was single again. It was not easy for her though,  for she loved Jimmy and the house they built together.

    One day, while she was setting the house to be sold, she tripped on her cat and broke her foot.  For many months afterward, she was walking with a cane, affecting her work. Due to her poor performance, her supervisor fired her. Seeking justice, Amy filed a case against the university for wrongful termination.

    When she met with the president of the university, she was shocked to find out that they wanted her to come back with a higher salary and more benefits. Shocked, she asked the president why they suddenly wanted to have her back. The president explained that what the supervisor did was wrong, and they fired her; and, they want her back as requested by their major sponsor, Mr. Keith Richmond.

    As Amy started working in her new job, she got a call from Keith one day inviting her to dinner. They fell in love overnight. Then, Keith asked her to work for him, leaving her job at the university. Amy got angry because she didn't want to be under his command; she wanted to keep her current job.

    After their big fight, Amy didn't see Keith for a while; she was devastated.  Jimmy came to see her and was shocked to see that she transformed into what she was before,  but Amy said she's in love with somebody else. For her, she already had her sweetest revenge.

    It was a bad idea to read this after reading Paulo Coelho's Adultery.  Coelho's novel is well-written that made me experience a wide range of emotions, making me understand what the character was going through, whereas, Ransom's failed to let me experience the transformation of the character from the time she got divorced to the time she got her life back.  Aside from being ridden with cliches and plot holes, the story was more of a telling than showing.

    This is the first novel by Ransom that I read and I would never grab another one.