A Book Review: Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success

Psychotherapist and confidence and mindset coach Kate Crocco exposes twelve lies that discourage women from reaching their dreams in Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success (February 18, 2020, Baker Books), her first book.

Crocco's own stories of struggles interlaced with advice and mental strategies drawn from her experience as an entrepreneur and as a coach to thousands of women through one-on-one, group, and mastermind programs. This book fulfills her mission to challenge women to break the barriers of self-limiting beliefs and to empower them to achieve greatness.

The twelve lies that hold back success:

1. I need to have it all together.

    The journey to success is imperfect. Embrace it. As you go along the way, you learn from your mistakes and become better. 

2. I'm not ready to start.

    Waiting for the right time to start doing something only impedes progress. The right time is always now. “First be brave and then go and figure it out.”   

3. I'm not qualified (I'm not smart enough, young enough, or old enough to succeed.)

    Age doesn’t matter. Your willingness to try makes you qualified to do anything we want to do. 

4. I will never have enough money.

    The thought of having not enough money comes from having a scarcity mindset. Practicing gratitude is one of the ways to overcome this lie. 

5. Making money is greedy.

    Money is a tool that empowers you to do good in the world; it’s a tool to give back to society. 

6. I need to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way.

    It’s okay to set boundaries. Saying no to things that your gut feeling says not the right things for you to do is actually saving space for better things. 

7. I can't possibly have a successful business and be a good mom.

    Being a mother and an entrepreneur can be a roller coaster ride but it’s possible to balance these two roles. “You just get to show up, hands open, and ready to receive that beauty that is waiting for you.”

8. I need my friends and family's understanding in order to succeed.

External validation is unnecessary in self-growth and serving others through your business.

9. I don't have enough time.

Creativity with time creates time. 

10. It's already been done before.

Your uniqueness brings something new to the table. 

11. I am my business.

It's possible to have a fulfilling life and business that is firmly established on your identity, not on your product. 

12. I am not capable of handling success.

You are capable of handling whatever you believe you are capable of handling.  "Through all of this, remind yourself that you will figure it out when you get there. Instead of worrying about what will happen when you succeed, trust that you can handle it when you get there!"


Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success is an inspiring book not only for women who want to create their own business but also for those who want to live their life to the fullest, reaching their utmost potential and inspiring the people around them. 

This book makes me feel I can make my dreams come true, and I am capable of changing my life into something that I have been hoping to have-- a life of abundance, gratefulness, and joy. I find the specific mental strategies helpful in changing my perspective especially when doubts and self-limiting beliefs enter my mind. This book left an impact on me. 

The part that I am not a fan of is the storytelling that is too long for me. But then, the stories of the author and the women she helped made them more relatable and nudged me more to look into my own life, compare it to theirs, and see which of the habitual thoughts and behavior I should change. 

All throughout the book, Crocco speaks to the reader with passion and conviction. I will never forget the words such as “” You’ve got this!”, “If I can do it, I know that you can too.”, and “Love you, lady.” She often used the term ladies in addressing the reader or readers, which made me feel I was a part of this group of empowered women. It actually made me feel good. 

I think this book is perfect for women who don't know how to start their own business or pursue their passion. The new venture can be daunting and negativity can be overpowering but there is always a way to get a grip on them. Having the proper mindset propels women forward and reading Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success is a good way to start in developing the right mental attitude, which actually takes time to develop but worth a try.

Discussion Questions

  1. Does the book change the way you think?

  2. Among the twelve lies, which ones hit you the most? Why?

  3. Pick a quote that resonates with you. 

  4. What part of the book did you like and not like?

  5. After finishing the book, what was your first reaction?

  6. What are your dreams in life?

  7. Do you see yourself as a successful person? Why or why not?

  8. What are the things that stop you from starting a business or doing the thing you have been wanting to do?

  9. What are the steps you are willing to take to get started?

  10. How do you feel about getting started?

  11. How do you visualize your future self?

  12. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the weakest and 5 being the strongest, how would you rate your belief that what you visualize about yourself is true?

Further Information

Title: Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success

Author: Kate Crocco

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Baker Books

Publication Date: February 18, 2020

Print length: 214 pages