Book Review: You Are Not An Imposter by Colin Monsarrat


Unhappy With Success?

Do you feel unhappy with your success? Does a part of you attribute your accomplishments to luck? Do you constantly worry that others might discover you as a fraud? If you do, you may have Impostor Syndrome.

The Root of Impostor Syndrome 

In her book, You Are Not An Imposter, Colin Monsarrat explains IS and how it affects our lives. She delves into its root cause and its connection to childhood trauma, self-belief, perfectionism, people-pleasing, and sensitivity. At the same time,  she discusses the science behind our thoughts and emotions that contribute to the development of IS. Understanding how the brain works lf-awareness and self-appreciation. Monsarrat illustrates this through her powerful personal stories of suffering, struggles, and triumph over life's trials.

What Impostor Syndrome Can Do For You 

Having experienced impostor syndrome myself, I got curious about how the author dealt with her impostor syndrome. I was more interested in her spine-chilling personal stories that show that IS can make you overlook your health, which is the most shocking thing for me. It almost cost Monsarrat’s life.

A Good Introduction to IS 

Colin's book does a good job of delving into the scientific explanations behind IS. While I appreciated this in-depth analysis, much of the information presented was not novel to me, as I have read about this topic in the past. Nevertheless, for those who are new to exploring this condition, I highly recommend this book as an informative and accessible introduction to IS.

You are Not An Imposter is a good book where you can get information about IS and get to know the difficulties Colin underwent. She’s a testament to the possibility of overcoming IS and e to the fullest.

Thank you Colin Monsarrat and Book Sirens for the ARC. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


“If there is one thing I have learned and lived by ever since these events, it is that I am the author of my life.”

“Celebrating our successes also allows us to thank those who helped us achieve them. Seeing others celebrate our success will validate that we accomplished it through hard work and not just by luck.”

“We should also learn to master our emotions. Mastering our emotions does not mean we should only allow positive emotions in our lives. On the contrary, the whole idea of mastering our emotions is centered around the philosophy that we should feel and acknowledge all emotions, but once felt, acknowledged, and understood, we should move on.”

Book Information:

You Are Not An Imposter by Colin Monsarrat
Published on January 26, 2023, Apicem Publishing (January 26, 2023) e-book

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