Book Review: How to Write a Short Story in Five Days (How to do stuff) by Jason Fink



Jason Fink wants to be a force for good in the world. To fulfill this, he uses his knowledge and influence as a writer even though his attention deficit disorder (ADD) is holding him back. He prefers writing short stories as novels take time; he tends to jump from one project to the next. Under his belt are several books with short stories. One of his books, Selected Stories,  contains stories from different genres from sci-fi to romance.


Learn how to compose captivating short stories quickly with this book as you are guided through the writing process. 

You are also going to be equipped with the right skills in coming up with story ideas and improving your craft. 

The guide gives practical and effective tips and tools.

It is for everyone, regardless of writing experience. 

The bonus section at the end of this book is a must-read for writers who are struggling with ADHD.


  • Short stories are a powerful form of storytelling that can have a profound impact on readers. They can be used to explore complex themes, develop characters, and create a sense of suspense or surprise. Short stories can also be used to reflect on the human condition or to provide a glimpse into a different world.
  • The five-day writing plan gives you tools and techniques to develop your own unique style and voice as a writer. 
  • Writing short stories have a lot of benefits:
    • This is an excellent way to practice and improve your writing. You can experiment with different writing styles, genres, plots, characters, and settings. 
    • You can build your writing portfolio. 
    • It is therapeutic. 
  • The use of AI chatbots can hasten the process of writing and overcome writer’s block. 
  • Everyone's writing journey is unique. Some writers find success quickly, while others take more time.


  1. What are the five steps in writing a short story? Is it doable? Why or why not?
  2. What are the most important tips that the author gave? Why?
  3. How can you apply what you learned from the book to your own writing?
  4. What challenges writers could encounter in following the five-day plan?
  5. What do you think about using AI chatbots in writing short stories? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Do you think AI chatbots will replace short story writers? Why or why not?
  7. How has the book changed your thinking on the use of AI and writing stories?
  8. What questions would you ask the author?
  9. What are some of the things you agree with the author on?
  10. What are some of the things you disagree with the author on?


Short stories are a powerful medium that can convey a wide range of emotions, ideas, and perspectives. – Kindle Location 121

By following this five-day plan, you will have a completed short story that you can be proud of. Along the way, you'll learn valuable writing skills and techniques that you can apply to all of your future writing projects. – Kindle Locations 166-168

Writing short stories can bring many benefits to writers of all levels. First and foremost, it is an excellent way to practice and improve your writing skills. Writing short stories allows you to experiment with different writing styles, characters, and plot structures, which can help you develop your own unique voice and writing style.-- Kindle Location 148


  • All the important things that a short story writer needs to know are all packed in this guide. From character, setting, and plot development to writing mechanics and publishing, the author made sure that he left no stone unturned. I appreciate the last part which is about how to create a writing habit if you have ADHD. 
  • There are so many things to learn from this book. One of the things I learned is writing is a process. I'm too embarrassed to share this but I thought writers just write compelling stories in one sitting. I thought that a good writer comes up with stories quickly. I didn't know that it involves a lot of planning, pondering, knowledge, and skills. This book changed my perspective on writing. 
  • The five-day plan for developing and writing a story is easy to follow. The author put together the steps, ideas, and tips for each day. 


  • The author did a great job in explaining the steps and giving helpful tips, however, he didn’t put much of his personality. I also wanted to know his journey in writing short stories. 
  • It would’ve been nice if the author demonstrated the use of AI chatbots in generating ideas, characters, settings, and plots. 


I’ve always wanted to learn how to write short stories that’s why I grabbed the opportunity to read the advance readers’ copy (ARC)  of this book. True enough, this book is best for beginners. 

The book is a quick read, but it is packed with valuable insights on how to create well-developed characters, settings, and plots. These elements, including the tips and tools, are all essential to the five-day process of writing a story.

The inclusion of the use of AI chatbots like ChatGPT adds to the relevance of the book at the present time since AI has been a hot topic not only in writing but also in business, education, and marketing. The book looks into the possibility of using AI as a tool not only for generating ideas but also for overcoming writer’s block. 

I was initially excited about the book, but there were other things that I didn’t love. The author did give examples to get his message across but it would’ve been more helpful if he also shared his own journey in writing short stories. In this way, I could relate to him more and the book would have more personality. The book sounded instructive but practical. 

Jason Fink’s How to Write a Short Story in Five Days is highly recommended to those who have just started to write short stories. It contains all the important things that a writer needs to know. Even though the author didn’t share much about his own journey as a short story writer, he still gave helpful tips on how to write compelling stories quickly and effectively. 


Book Information:

How to Write a Short Story in Five Days (How to do stuff) by Jason Fink 
Published on March 8, 2023
145 pages (Kindle)

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