Reading Journey 3: The Boys by Katie Hafner

Hello, fellow bookworm! Today I'm going to share with you updates on the book that I am reading, The Boys by Katie Hafner.  It's about an introverted man Ethan who fell in love with Barb, an extroverted woman. They thought that they complemented each other but it turns out their differences drove them apart.  In the beginning, Ethan left the most impression on me because of his introvertedness to which I could relate. His sad childhood made me identify with him more. When he met Barb, it's so nice seeing he's opening up to new experiences. Barb was his total opposite. She loved to explore the world.  They got married, went to an amazing escapade in Italy, but when they fostered twin boys, their relationship became wobbly. It was aggravated by the pandemic when people globally literally stayed and worked from home. This part made the story realistic as I also experienced staying at home, social distancing, and the wearing of the mask and plastic face shield.  The strain

Daily Reads: North Queen (Crowns 1) by Nicola Tyche (Days 1-17)


Heads up! Just a friendly reminder that my Daily Reads may contain spoilers, so proceed with caution. 

Hi, fellow bookworm! 

Thank you so much for dropping by.

I am going to share with you my daily reading experiences as I read Nicola Tyche's novel, North Queen. 

I've been meaning to share my reactions and reflections about the book I am currently reading, hoping that this could help you get to know the book and give it a read.

As I've said, this time, I am reading North Queen which I found on Netgalley.  I was so thrilled that I was able to get an ARC. I love fantasy novels the most. After reading contemporary novels and non-fiction books for the past months, I needed to have a break by going to a fantasy world and experience the magical story of interesting characters.

North Queen is the first book of the Crowns series. I'm 18 chapters into the book, out of 57 chapters, 551 pages all in all. It's about Norah, a princess who went missing for three years and who held the key in saving the kingdom of Mercia. Not only that, she also lost her memories. This is one thing that hooks me the most. I can't wait to read the part where everything about Norah is revealed. 

So far, I'm having a great time. So many intriguing twists that shocked me. The characters are likable and memorable. Tension escalated as I went deeper into the story. My interest is still up which means no desire to rush my reading or DNF the book. I'm taking my sweet time to read every line on the page. 

The key events that hooked me more to the story:
  • I could feel it the pain in the heart of Alexander, Norah's childhood friend whom I supposed her lover as well. His Norah had no idea who he was but her feelings of comfort gives a clue as to the nature of their relationship. Just imagine the one you love forgets you and the moments you spent together. The heartbreak of Alexander is palpable. 
  • Norah had amnesia. She couldn't remember anyone and anything from her past. Despite this, she had to accept the greatest responsibility of all, save the kingdom from evil. Forced to carry out her duties, she was fighting to disperse the smoke of her secret that could put her and her kingdom in danger once it's out. But how long could she hold up? What would happen if the people knew she didn't remember anything? I'm so excited to know the answers to these questions. 
  • The most memorable part so far was when Norah accidentally ran into the Wild, the forest that all people feared the most. The event that transpired in the forest was shocking to me. 

There you have it. The first glimpse of North Queen
Do you like fantasy books? What is your favorite fantasy novel? 😄

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