Reading Journey: Emotional Agility by Susan David Part 1

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I have started a new book by Susan David, Emotional Agility. I am thrilled to share with you my reading journey.

I chose this book because I am fascinated by the power of our thoughts and emotions. I have read several books about it such as Richard Schwartz's No Bad Parts and Altogether You by Jenna Riemersma. They opened my mind to the important roles of our thoughts and emotions, especially the "negative ones" to our well-being.

When I came across this book, I grabbed it hoping to learn more about myself which is the first step of being a master of my thoughts and emotions.

So far, I have learned how we get ensnared by situations and get carried away by our feelings. David discussed the steps to face these challenges and learn from them.

Memorable Quote

"There’s a misconception that you need to be tough on yourself to maintain your edge. But people who are more accepting of their own failures may actually be more motivated to improve."

Thoughts and Reflections

How our mind works is really fascinating. This meaning machine is nonstop analyzing all information around us, making sense of the environment, and making sure we are safe. It is the mechanism that we inherit from our ancestors. But here's the tricky part. It still operates in a way that it did thousands of years ago. We became anxious about things that were not directly causing us physical pain -- speaking in front of the crowd, taking a test, and trying new things. I think the mind still believes that they are lions that would attack us. That's why we have to process every thought and emotion to help us see the real facts that could help us overcome any challenges.


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I can't wait to see how Emotional Agility works for me.

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