Reading Journey - Day 2: The Boys by Katie Hafner

Hello, fellow bookworm!

In today's post, I want to go deeper into the world created by 'The Boys' written by Katie Hafner. 

Let me share with you the book description:

A tour-de-force novel about love, the yearning for connection, and the ways in which childhood trauma plays out in adult life.

When introverted Ethan Fawcett marries Barb, he has every reason to believe he will be delivered from a lifetime of solitude. One day Barb brings home two young brothers, Tommy and Sam, for them to foster, and when the pandemic hits, Ethan becomes obsessed with providing a perfect life for the boys. Instead of bringing Barb and Ethan closer together, though, the boys become a wedge in their relationship, as Ethan is unable to share with Barb a secret that has been haunting him since childhood. Then Ethan takes Tommy and Sam on a biking trip in Italy, and it becomes clear just how unusual Ethan and his children are—and what it will take for Ethan to repair his marriage. This hauntingly beautiful debut novel—a bold and original high-wire feat—is filled with humor and surprise.

What Resonated with Me

Ethan's character becomes deeper and deeper as I turned every page. I found myself emotionally invested in his history, struggles, and growth. I also like Barb, too. She helped Ethan opened to a new world of family and traveling. Her parents were adorable. 


The vivid descriptions of the people, places, and events drew clear pictures in my mind. I could almost see Ethan, Barb, and other secondary characters, hear the voices of people at a family event, and feel as if I was at the Mutter museum. 


The Boys weaves in themes of family throughout the first few chapters. It made me reflect on the importance of love and family in order to thrive. 

Ethan had a strong aversion of traveling, like I do, and Barb and her family encouraged him to expand his horizon. It's just nice that he found people who understood him and helped him spread his wings, fly, and explore the world. 

Memorable Quote

One quote that stood out to me today was:

“Ethan, you can’t spend the rest of your life hiding from experience,” she said. “And in order to have experiences, sometimes you just have to get on a plane and go somewhere.”

Thoughts and Reflections

I have read until the middle of chapter 7. 

I am actually surprised that could identify with Ethan who was shy, awkward, introvert, but opened to new experiences. 

I also don't like traveling like he did but Barb's family convinced him to. 

And me, too. 

I think I need to go out of the house or out of town in order to expand and flourish. 

I get it, but fear would just appear and stop me. 

I think I have to face my fears of traveling. 

🙋‍♀️ Questions

Do you like traveling? Any tips?

I'm excited to know more about Ethan and his trip.

Join me next time for more insights and discussions.