Reading Journey - Day 1: The Boys by Katie Hafner


Hello, fellow bookworm!

Welcome to the first day of my reading journey with The Boys by Kate Hafner.

I want to share my real-time thoughts and experiences as I read this book, and I'm excited to do this. 

I first knew about Hafner on Domestika, a learning platform where she teaches writing. I checked out her course and it contains a lot of good insights about writing. When I learned that she wrote a novel, I got interested in seeing how she applied her teachings in her writing. I've always wanted to improve my writing but I am not confident about it. But then, I'll just keep on trying. 

Moving on to the book cover art, it is interesting. Against the peachy orange background is a rectangular shape. Inside, there's a pathway with lines of perhaps cypress trees on either side. The sky is purple. A man riding on the bike is in the middle-bottom of the rectangle, facing away from the reader. Below him is a big bold book title and the author's name. It gives me an impression of a journey to somewhere nice and fun. I think it's the colors that give me that vibe. 

As I read the first few pages, I was struck by how smooth Hafner's writing is. I am transported to the world of Ethan, the story's main character. I could feel his shyness and awkwardness. The other main character is also likable. Her openness and interest in knowing Ethan somehow encourage me, the reader, to also know and understand Ethan. There's a connection between them that gives this warm feeling. It's always good to be seen and understood especially if you're an introvert. 

 Memorable Quote

One quote that stood out to me today was:
“Have heart, Ethan sweetie. Another word for heart is coeur, and that’s where we get our word courage.”

Thoughts and Reflections

Today's reading made me appreciate being authentic. Ethan has that. He's never scared to be just who he is. He never hesitates to share his mind-boggling ideas even though he finds it awkward. 

I Have a Question

To my fellow bookworm, what are your thoughts on being utterly introverted? I am an introvert that's why I could relate with Ethan. Sometimes, I just don't want to go out and meet people. Are you an introvert as well? Feel free to share in the comments below.

I'm looking forward to seeing where The Boys will take me. 

Join me next time for more insights and discussions.