Reading Journey 3: The Boys by Katie Hafner

Hello, fellow bookworm! Today I'm going to share with you updates on the book that I am reading, The Boys by Katie Hafner.  It's about an introverted man Ethan who fell in love with Barb, an extroverted woman. They thought that they complemented each other but it turns out their differences drove them apart.  In the beginning, Ethan left the most impression on me because of his introvertedness to which I could relate. His sad childhood made me identify with him more. When he met Barb, it's so nice seeing he's opening up to new experiences. Barb was his total opposite. She loved to explore the world.  They got married, went to an amazing escapade in Italy, but when they fostered twin boys, their relationship became wobbly. It was aggravated by the pandemic when people globally literally stayed and worked from home. This part made the story realistic as I also experienced staying at home, social distancing, and the wearing of the mask and plastic face shield.  The strain

Daily Reads: North Queen (Crowns 1) by Nicola Tyche (Days 19-20)

Hello, fellow bookworm!

I finally finished the book and…

Reading the last chapters of North Queen was like a roller coaster ride. 

My expressions while reading were …

Oh no!


It’s getting boring!

Ah, now it makes sense.



After I read the last sentence of the book…

I wanted to read the second book right away but after a few moments… 

I was not sure anymore because I got mixed feelings about the turn of events. 

Enemies become lovers…

For the sake of survival…

For the sake of peace…

For the sake of love…

I was rooting for Alexander, Norah’s first love…

But the memory of his betrayal and abandonment completely destroyed her trust. 

Also, Norah’ was stubborn.

Her stubbornness turned the wheels of complicated events that even make readers perplexed. 

Was her decision the best one?

Would it really change her fate?

How would another king whom Norah initially planned to marry react?

What would happen next?

I think the questions will be answered by the second and third book of the Crowns. 

If you like fantasy and enemies to lovers trope, you’ll enjoy North Queen.

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